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Real estate tokenization grows in LATAM

Real estate tokenization is gaining traction in Latin America (LATAM). As more investors and property owners seek alternative ways of financing and investing in real estate projects. Tokenization refers to the process of converting real estate assets into digital tokens.  That can be traded on blockchain-based platforms. By tokenizing real estate assets, property owners can raise capital from...

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The place that women have won in the Real Estate industry

Real estate has historically been a male-dominated industry, with women being underrepresented in leadership roles and facing numerous challenges in the field. However, over the past few decades, women have won in the Real Estate industry and have made significant strides in the real estate industry, gaining more visibility and representation in various sectors. Breaking the glass ceiling(women...

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Discover the risks of renting a home in black

Renting a home in any area comes with its own set of risks, and renting a home in a predominantly black area is no exception. There are several factors that may increase the risks associated with renting a home in a black neighborhood, including safety concerns, discrimination, and gentrification. In this article, we will explore some of the...

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